XIV Annual Meeting of the European Association of Vertebrate Palaeontologists

Haarlem - the Netherlands

6-10 July 2016


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Key Dates And Deadlines

Preliminary Programme

The final programme is coming soon (15th of June).


Regular talks have 15 minutes max.; 12 minutes presentation + 3 minutes for questions.

Keynote talks have 30 minutes max.; 25 minutes presentation + 5 minutes for questions.

We have a tight schedule so we will be strict about times! But don't worry, there will be plenty of opportunities (discussion slots, coffee breaks, social hours) to discuss further.

Posters: posterboards measurments: height 90 cm (eff. 87), width 120, eff. 117.5. This will accommodate 1 A0 landscape poster per side. Please do not exceed this size!

Poster presentations will be during the morning, afternoon, and lunch breaks, which will be a total of 1,5 hours each day. Posters must be removed by the end of the day, and set up first thing in the morning on the day of presentation. Our EAVP CREW will be there to assist you.

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Field Trips

Option 1: Type Maastrichtian

On the outskirts of the city of Maastricht, along the Lage Kanaaldijk, lies the large quarry of the ENCI-HeidelbergCement Group. Open-pit mining started here in 1926/1927 and will come to a halt in the summer of 2018. Although Cretaceous deposits have been mined for centuries for their use as building material, the limestones are nowadays extracted for the production of Portland cement. In recent years, the so-called Plan van Transformatie ENCI Terrein has been implemented that is, among other goals, aimed at providing access to the quarry grounds for all interested parties, including Natuurmonumenten (Society for Preservation of Nature Monuments At various places within the quarry, preparations are now being made for the final ‘quarry scaping’, and the large staircase down into the quarry on the northern face is already open to the public, allowing visitors to traverse the quarry grounds on their way to chalet D’n Observant, in the south. The quarry includes the stratotype of the Maastrichtian Stage (72.1-66 Ma; www.stratigraphy.org); which is represented by a steep rock face below the Lichtenberg farmstead and behind the main office building at the Lage Kanaaldijk. Here, the historical base of the ‘système maestrichtien’ of Dumont (1849) is preserved. This level corresponds to the base of the Valkenburg Member; the lowermost unit of the Maastricht Formation.

For more information download the First Circular.

Option 2: Maasvlakte II

Maasvlakte 2 is a major civil engineering project in The Netherlands, constructing an extension to the Port of Rotterdam, and supporting infrastructure on reclaimed land adjoining the Maasvlakte. Less than ten years ago, this area was still submerged. This makes it the youngest beach of the Netherlands. The Maasvlakte is still growing; it is being created by spraying sand from various sand extractions sites in the North Sea into the designated area west of the Port of Rotterdam. This sand is Pleistocene in age and functions as a continuous supply of fossils ranging from megaherbivores such as mammoths, horses, deer, bisons and other ice age giants to small rodents such as mice. We can also find remains of carnivores; bears, lions, and hyeanas. In the Pleistocene, this area was part of the mammoth steppe connecting Great Britain to mainland Europe. Unfortunately, the fossils are found without stratigraphic context, but they are nevertheless valuable to science. For example, a hyaena coprolite from the Maasvlakte II that has been CT-scanned has shown that this particular hyaena had hamster on the menu, which may have been true for the entire species. Moreover, even skull fragments and tools of humans from the Stone Age have been found at Maasvlakte II.



This is the cheapest option, beds from ± 27 Euros per person per night.


Joops Hotel

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Ambassador Hotel

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Amrath Hotel

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We made a map with all hotels near Teylers for your convenience. Check it out and enjoy!

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How to get there

We have a special discount for flights booked with KLM between 1-15 July. Please use the following link and code to book: www.airfrance.fr.

Schiphol Airport is the major airport of The Netherlands and has good connections with nearly all major European (and intercontinental) airports. Schiphol has a train station that connects to Haarlem by train within half an hour (including one change of trains). A direct bus service to Haarlem train station is also available, which takes about 40 minutes for the trip. For more information, please see:

A second option is Rotterdam Airport, which has a more limited amount of connections with other European airports. For more information see:

Cheap flights with Ryanair usually run to Eindhoven Airport in the south of The Netherlands. For more information see:

By train: Haarlem Central Station connects with places throughout The Netherlands. For connections, please check:

By bike: Follow the signs saying 'Teylers Museum', which are well-marked throughout the city. Haarlem, as with most Dutch cities, is very bicycle-friendly.

On foot: Follow the signs saying 'Teylers Museum' from Haarlem train station, this should be a 15-20 minute walk. Our student team will be there to guide you through, so do not worry about getting lost!

Finally, check out the public transport website 9292.nl for comprehensive travel info.

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Conference Venue

Teylers Museum,
Spaarne 16,
B2011 CH, Haarlem,
The Netherlands, www.teylersmuseum.nl